With Mobile Learning you got all you need

70-20-10! With technical documentation as a basis, content is specifically prepared for training and use on the run. Docu, mobile learning and training on the job go hand in hand.

The easiest and most efficient way to learn is through activities that we perform ourselves: learning by doing. About 70% of his knowledge – e.g. by a service employee – is gained as part of his daily work. Only about 10% of his knowledge is based on training.
Also no advantage of “classroom” training are the high costs. On the one hand, the event itself has to be paid for: premises, expenses and usually high fees for the course instructors – on the other hand, the employee can’t do productive hours during the training.
That are double costs!
NINEFEB has developed a structure that helps save those double costs! iNeed® brings employee training directly to the workplace in the form of mobile learning. Thus, you can strike two birds with one stone. The basis for individual problem solutions is the technical documentation, in which NINEFEB supports its customers with its many years of experience.

The Advantage of Mobile Learning

The information that the service technician receives for his task is exactly tailored to the actions that are performed by him. This can optimize work processes significantly. The required “knowledge bits” come from the corresponding technical documentation. These will also be used for further education of employees.
The boundaries between service, documentation and training are blurring. A single info pool is accessed. Granular information and learning units are universally applicable and open up a wide range of applications for novel types of training. Employees can access the desired e-learning units directly on their mobile phones and continue their education whenever and wherever they want. Even when used in the field, the small learning units offer as a reminder and fast troubleshooter.