First industrial iNeed® meeting in Vienna

First iNeed® meeting in Vienna (from left): Franz Santner (Manager RAMS/LCC Manuals & Training, Bombardier Transportation Austria GmbH), Constantin Bähre (Head of eSolutions, TRUMPF Maschinen Austria GmbH), Harald Stadlbauer and Bernhard Libra ( Managing Director of NINEFEB GmbH) and Eric Gander (Head of Corporate Technical Authoring, Schindler Lifts AG).

NINEFEB management invited industrial partners to the first iNeed® meeting in Vienna.

Purpose of the meeting was to discuss and evaluate the iNeed® concept. Particular focus was on the relevance and necessity of the concept.
Using industry-specific usage cases, it was checked whether iNeed® offers solutions and can be used as a methodology.

In a keynote speech, NINEFEB Managing Directors Bernhard Waage and Harald Stadlbauer brought the iNeed® philosophy closer to the industry partners: What are the goals of iNeed® and what are the areas of application?

In the afternoon, various scenarios for the use of iNeed ® with future applications were developed using practical examples as part of a workshop.

With this first iNeed® working meeting an ongoing series of events has been launched.