We see generated information not as a means to an end – but as a resource of the future


NINEFEB was founded in 2012 as part of a management buyout. The company name NINE (9) FEB (February) came from the shared birthday of the two managing directors Dr Harald Stadlbauer and Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Waage. In 2014, the Group expanded with a subsidiary, NINEFEB Personal Services. With the branch of personnel procurement, the sister company of Technical Documentation is actively supported in its work. In 2018, the Group was enlarged by the subsidiary NINEFEB UK, based in Manchester (UK), in order to tap into the English-speaking area as well.

NINEFEB is active with its companies in the fast-moving world of technology. We want to structure the important information of the world professionally and connect it. Information management at the highest level. Thus forms the basis of all corporate success. Here, NINEFEB is your strongest partner. Security, flexibility, continuity and innovation characterize our cooperation. We use your information to make knowledge and technology tangible.

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